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Toyota 1JZ VVTi Low Mount V-Band Exhaust Manifold

Toyota 1JZ VVTi Low Mount V-Band Exhaust Manifold

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  • Material: SUS347 Stainless Steel Investment Cast Construction


  • Designed for Garrett G Series Turbo

Package Contents:

  • Exhaust Manifold


  • Example compatable turbos: Garrett G30 to G45, or PTE 5858 to 7175 and larger.
  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*

See it in action on Trevor at Motion Auto TV's Lexus IS300 running our 1JZ VVTI V-Band low mount manifold with a Garrett G25!

People have been asking about our 1JZ VVTI Standard replacement manifold and if we would do a V-Band version. Well the answer is YES! We have a V-Band version specifically designed to the new @garrettmotion G series V-Band and our turbos. So if you want to run basically all stock and G25-550 on pump fuel or go a G25-660 on E85 or all the way to a G30-900, it’s possible with this manifold. For people wanting external wastegate, some of our partners like @spectrummotorsports can offer this modification.

@motionautotv has even run a G25-550 on pump fuel and quickly maxed out the stock injectors - the dyno graph attached shows how quickly the combination responds.
Yes you can still run the OEM Toyota heat shield, as well as running the compressor outlet / hot pipe under the chassis rail for a neat install.


Artec has truly revolutionised the turbo manifold industry with their unique cast 347 stainless manifolds, all manifolds are tuned and CFD simulated to achieve maximum flow and heat dispersion, whilst at the same time removing restrictions caused by tight radius bends in factory manifolds which therefor increases exhaust gas flow exponentially. Say goodbye to heat pooling, cracked manifolds and unequal exhaust gas distribution and say hello to a product which is designed and tested in Australia and is backed by a lifetime warranty!

All Artec manifolds are guaranteed to fit your engine bay and auxiliaries without headache or fuss and are designed to be installed in approximately 10 minutes. The bolt locations are easily accessible as the cast was designed around them for ease of installation and accessibility. Artec stainless manifolds are the unrivalled in their simplicity and efficiency! 


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